Director of House Of Tech- Saara Thakur

Saara Thakur is the Founder and Director of the House of Tech. What started out as an idea while working as an account and management trainee at Modern Radio House India Pvt. Ltd., Saara’s vision slowly culminated into this new company. Branching out with innovative ideas under the guidance and expertise of the parent firm (MRH), Saara pursued her degree in Pre-med and Business. She has previously worked in the luxury brand sector of Paytm, and understands the need for a higher quality of life by today’s consumers, essentially in the realm of luxury residences. Having a passion for science, a stream she pursued during her time at The Shri Ram School, Saara has been highly motivated to provide the best and precise solutions to today’s need for a functional, yet intelligent living. She is eager to grow with her company and her team; as a young entrepreneur of a mere 20 years, honing her skills in organisation and business.

Director of Modern Radio House- Haresh Thakur

Haresh Thakur is one of the pioneers who embraced the future-friendly technology and is the man behind converting single screen cinemas into the high-tech multiplexes we see today. Mr. Thakur takes a personal interest and has a detailed approach when it comes to designing spaces and executing projects. He loves to experiment with creativity and leaves no stone unturned to provide an unmatched service to his clients. Even with 50+ Hotels, 275 screens at PVR, over 50 auditoriums and 40 Universities under his belt, Mr. Thakur has a learning edge that is ever evolving with brighter, fresher ideas. His vast experience in this field extends beyond the imagination of his clients that include the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, Crowne Plaza Gurgaon, Grand Hyatt – New Delhi, The Marriott chain, Taj Group and PVR Pan India to name a few.