House of Tech is uniquely qualified to design the right audio & visual solutions for you and your family with our highly trained staff, and our commitment to performing a thorough needs analysis besides our proven methodologies that stem from years of experience.

Our goal at House of Tech is to provide you with integrated systems & tailored solutions that will compliment your set up, thereby allowing you achieve a greater degree of productivity and efficiency.

We redefine your entertainment space, and create a powerfully moving entertainment experience that delivers a rich and intelligible sound with vivid displays. We are up to date with new technologies, such as multi-room audio where the “music follows you” and can even provide home theatres with state-of the art Dolby Atomos Technology.

Whether it’s a sound bar installation in your bedroom or a mini 4-D theatre in your home, we are equipped with it all.

We design, supply, install and configure all your audio-visual devices including TV, projectors, media players, wall mounts, game consoles, amplifiers and high performance speakers that offer advanced high-quality audio-visual experience. We provide a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective home theater packages that can be customized and integrated seamlessly with your exiting, new or refurbished spaces.