Imagine a world where all your devices connect with just a click. This ability to transform life by providing an automated solution to control items at homes is what we term as ‘Smart Automation’. It gives you a hassle free interface to monitor and control all you can think of, for a convenient, safe and more enjoyable life. Moreover every solution or system can be integrated with existing utility or enhanced according to the latest trends. Our turnkey solutions include consultation, installation, operations and even maintenance.

With the help of automation, one can ensure maximum energy efficiency by monitoring your lights, HVAC and other utility components that can be turned on or off remotely using an app, while you are away.

House of Tech offers users, a seamless programming interaction with electronic devices through our easy to use programming and GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Following are some of the Automation equipment that can be adapted in your home environment:

  • Appliances
  • Home Entertainment
  • Lighting
  • Temperature control systems
  • Powered window blinds, shears, shutters, facades and awnings
  • Security, surveillances and access control Systems